It’s the endeavor of BAU to scale you high and at the top in career. Faculty is making you academically sound; and I, as a proctor, to shape your attitudes, mannerism and to shape you as a law abiding citizen. 

 Let us flow together, walk together, swim together and fly together in your journey in the campus. As a proctor, I wish to sail it through very smoothly till you achieve your goal. In your journey, there are likely to be very smooth and not- so- smooth moments. But it’s a natural flow of life. Be mentally strong to face them but with being alert and conscious. Mental and physical Discipline would pave your way to arrive at the goal. As a Proctor, I would facilitate you, guide and mentor you at this difficult moment. Never be shy or repressive to admit your mistakes; it would show you path in the darkest of the dark moments. 

 My Best wishes for your very comfortable, enjoyable, progressive and professional life in the campus. I am always with you and would be partner to be with you in your journey to be a true professional and a law abiding citizen of this Great Nation-Bangladesh. 


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